Saturday, October 04, 2008

BAFAB – October 2008

As I have been the grateful recipient of previous BAFAB (Buy A Friend A Book) giveaways on Clare Dudman’s blog Keeper of the Snails, I now donate a book yearly in the cause of good will and fellowship with all men (and women).

Click here to read about the idea behind it.

SInainew This year I have a copy of Sinai Tapestry (Old Earth Books, 2002 edition) by Edward Whittemore to give away. An American author, Edward Whittemore is best known for writing the Jerusalem Quartet. Other than that claim to fame he is virtually unknown, but he is, I can assure you, a highly original writer with an exquisite prose style.
Sinai Tapestry is the first book in the Quartet and is a somewhat bizarre magic realist secret history of the Middle East.

Read more about it here. A friend found the copy of this book in a second hand bookshop and has given it to me for a giveaway on BAFAB. Though second hand, it is in excellent condition.


  1. Name the other three novels in the Jerusalem Quartet
  2. In what year was Sinai Tapestry originally published?
  3. Who published it?
  4. On what day and in which year did Edward Whittemore die?
  5. How old was he when he died?

Please submit your answers to the following email address: pollycatsterATgmailDOTcom or you can answer in the comments below.

All entries will be put in a draw and the first correct entry drawn will win the book. The runner up will receive a hard copy of the limited edition 2009 Edward Whittemore calendar.


Entries close at midnight, Sunday 19th October.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1) Jerusalem Poker, Nile Shadows and Jericho Mosaic

2) 1977

3) Holt, Rinehart & Winston

4) August 3, 1995

5) 62 years old


I have been wanting read his books after I read Jericho Mosaic, which I found in a second hand book shop. No such luck with any of his other books.

Another author who seems to have been forgotten is Warwick Deeping. And he wrote some 60+ novels. I can't seem to find his books either.