Friday, April 22, 2022

Here’s Trouble


With Bingo now gone missing for eight months, B had a strong feeling last Wednesday that he would find the perfect replacement on Gumtree.

The prices for pedigree oriental cats is astronomical these days, over $2000 in some cases, but on Wednesday there was an advertisement for a Siamese/Bengal cross kitten at a reasonable price. The kitten looked very much like a Siamese with blue eyes and points, so he rang the seller and consequently  arranged to drive all the way to Wantirna to purchase the kitten. She was the only kitten for sale, and the seller said that he was minding her for someone else. As she has not been vaccinated or microchipped explained the reduced price, and on first sight we liked what we saw – an exceptionally  cute and pretty kitten.

So we now have a new feline companion and her name is Sophie and she is about nine weeks old and very small.  Her mother apparently was Siamese and her father a Bengal, so she could grow into an interestingly patterned cat, with any luck she might develop spots and stripes.

I wanted to call her Dido, but I’ve been overruled and she is now Sophie, which is OK by me.

Anyway back to the kitten, Sophie has settled in well and loves warmth and affection, and has a vocal opinion about everything. We have discovered she likes cooked chicken, though she is not a greedy cat as Bingo was.

Being female we hope she won’t have a desire to wander. We plan to keep her inside for the most part, still mindful of Bingo’s disappearance.

The next few months should be more interesting than normal, distracting too with kitten mayhem and madness.