Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sophie–AKA the kitten from hell

sophie_patio 5
Sophie in the back garden

Sophie has now been a part of the household for two months, and during that time has grown and looks more like a small cat than a kitten these days.

Admittedly she does have a healthy appetite and loves food,  eating everything we have given her.

Those innocent blue eyes belie her feisty aggressive nature, more often than not she resorts to biting and scratching and smooches are a rarity. Our hands and arms look like we’ve been infected with a pox, though since her last visit to the vet for booster shots, it’s not quite so bad. The vet obligingly clipped her claws, so they’re not as sharp. I don’t really agree with claw clipping, but in Sophie’s case it has made a difference, and the wounds are healing.

We mostly keep her indoors, allowing her out under supervision every so often.

Her nature tends to veer towards the fierce Bengal side, rather than the talkative Siamese, though like a typical oriental she takes a keen interest in everything we do around the house, “helping” hanging out the washing, by playing with the pegs for instance.

As she is the first kitten we have adopted who has not had to deal with an already resident cat, I think emphasises her aggressive tendencies, as previous kittens expended a lot of that sort of energy on the resident cat and let us be.

We can only hope that when she grows up she will be a more restful and companionable beast.

Other than raising a crazy kitten, not much else is happening, though we are saddened by the death of my sister in law on 11 June 2022.

She was a lovely person, kind, thoughtful and loving to her family, a pleasure to know and will be greatly missed. It is such a shame that most of the last year of her life was spent undergoing treatment for melanoma, which indeed was the death of her.

We will be attending her funeral next Thursday.