Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Wickedness with Whiskers

sophie_may 4

To be accurate, Sophie at present is pretty quiet and not what we perceive to be her usual  lively self

This is because yesterday she received her first vaccinations and that has caused a reaction whereby she has become quite subdued. Bingo last year also had a negative reaction to his annual  jabs, but was back to his punchy self the next day.

Sophie  has now been part of the domicile for two weeks, so we’ve got to know her tricks and tendencies quite well.

She is generally a bundle of energy and very playful, even retrieving one of her toys when you throw it for her. And she’s a scratcher, a leg climber and a distracting small beast where she insists on human participation in her play.

Her wickedness comes from her attempts to claw her way up fly screen doors and  sharpening her claws on the stereo speakers, which B has now turned to the wall to prevent her doing so. She also drags the tea towels to the floor when they’re hanging on the oven door.

Now about 11 or 12 weeks old, she has grown a bit, but is still very small. Though not a greedy cat, she does mostly like a variety of food and unlike Bingo doesn’t bolt it down.

sophie_may 1

She hates her photo being taken, so you have to be patient and wait for an opportunity to capture her image.

Whatever, she’s certainly enlivened our usual routines with her presence.