Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Sidling towards Christmas

bingo_dec 2020_5
Recent photo of Bingo

It’s December and the worst year on record is now drawing to an end.

Fortunately Covid 19 has now been eradicated from Victoria, but of course, with people now returning from overseas, there’s every possibility that it could be set loose again. I’m thankful to live in Australia, rather than America for instance, where the pandemic is wreaking havoc with infections and covid deaths skyrocketing.

I snapped the above photo of Bingo last weekend and the light was perfect.

Here’s another showing his beautiful blue eyes.

bingo_dec 2020_3 

He’s now four years old and is in good health and high spirits, though spends most of his time during the day asleep on the bed.

For a while he was obsessed with Socks, a new cat on the block, spending a great deal of time engaging in growling and howling at Socks’ intrusions on his territory. Socks has now moved to the country with his owner, but before he moved both cats appeared to have reached a compromise and were sort of frenemies.

Bingo is an affectionate cat and great purrer , despite his forceful demanding nature, and still playful, remembering how to play fetch even now.

As for me I’ve run out of new books, so decided to read Piranesi by Susanna Clarke again. It’s even better the second time around, a melancholic, haunting reflection on isolation and memory.  I’ve promoted it to my favourite book this year.

In computer games I inadvertently reached the end of The Longing. I neglected the Shade too long, and when I entered the game again it finished in a rather unsatisfactory fashion. I suppose I could replay the game, but the thought of slowly progressing through it again is unappealing at the moment.

All being well with the pandemic, and in expectation of a vaccine being available early next year, hopes are raised of returning to the races during the Autumn carnival.