Friday, December 03, 2010

Mary Gauthier at East Brunswick Club

Each time I have had the pleasure of witnessing Mary Gauthier live, she has been accompanied by a different musician. Back in 2007 wonderful guitarist Thomm Jutz provided superb backing and earlier this year she was accompanied by Ed Romanoff.

This time round young five string violin maestro
Tania Elizabeth, was her partner on stage, so once again the vibe was different.

I had been steeling myself all day for a night of standing at the East Brunswick Club, but surprise, surprise limited seating was provided this time, so we had a great possie up the front at a small table. One brave soul parked himself on the sticky carpet, drawing even Mary Gauthier to remark on the adhesive quality of flooring at the East Brunswick Club.

It was a great show, Mary singing a range of songs from her back catalogue, understandably interspersed with songs from The Foundling.

She began the night with her fabulous cover of the beautiful For Rose, a song written by Jonathan Pointer. She took a request for I Drink – naturally - and obliged me by performing one of my favourites from her album Filth and the Fire, Christmas in Paradise. In fact she sang a few songs from that album including Camelot Motel and Sugarcane.

Tania Elizabeth added another dimension to the show with her otherworldly, eerie violin accompaniment and spooky harmony vocals. She is a Melburnian by birth but now lives in Canada and is a former member of the Canadian band
The Duhks.

Set List

For Rose
Walk On The Water
I Drink
Christmas In Paradise
I Ain’t Leaving
Sweet Words
Camelot Motel
Mama Here Mama Gone
Blood Is Blood
The Orphan King

Hangman’s Reel – Tania Elizabeth solo
Mercy Now


wattlesong said...

Mary's performance work is impressive and she still has that capacity to take me to a vulnerable place and then make me feel whole again.

In her latest blog, amongst more profound thoughts, she addresses issues related to her tour and conditions for the artists. I did feel embarrassed that an Australian venue may have let her and Tania down in terms of comfort, amenity and respect. When I read about the 'sticky floor' here, it resonated with a passage in her blog. I recommend her current entry to you 'Home Sweet Home and Bliss: 12 Dec 2010'.

Thanks Cat Politics, I look forward to your perceptive and honest reviews.

Anne S said...

Wattlesong, thanks for visiting and your kind words on my review.

I don't think Mary was talking about the East Brunswick Club in particular, even if the floor of the band room is pretty disgusting and no one in their right mind would sit on it. But it is generally the audience who does. I don't know about the state of things back stage there, but can't imagine it would be too uncomfortable.