Friday, December 10, 2010

Last In Store for the year – A sparkling set by Monique DiMattina

After a week of heat, humidity and also torrential rain – half the state of Victoria, not to mention New South Wales is flooded – the weather today in Melbourne is cool and mild,

However, a sunny mini performance by
Monique Dimattina at Basement Discs was a pleasant break from the intensity and busyness of the season.

Monique has recently returned from a lengthy stint in New York where she worked with the likes of Lou Reed , Norah Jones and Bjork. As well as being an excellent pianist, Monique is a talented singer and songwriter. Her musical heroines are Rickie Lee Jones, Blossom Dearie and Nina Simone to name a few.

It was obvious Monique was pleased to be back in Melbourne and she has celebrated the fact by recording a wonderful album of originals with a cover or two called Welcome Stranger. The first song she sang today was her tribute to Melbourne, Livingest Place - a bouncy jazzy little number followed by another Melbourne referenced song called Joan of Burwood.

She was accompanied today by
Andrew Swan who alternately played drums and guitar and Hannah Cameron who provided backing vocals.

Her music is defined as Jazz/Pop and she is certainly mistress of a range of musical styles.

2011 promises another abundance of top International and Local musical treats. No doubt, Basement Discs will be hosting a few of them in store.

Check out Monique on her website, where she is offering a free download of the Livingest Place.


Clare Dudman said...

Mmmm, wonderful summery music (just been on Monique's website) reminds me of sitting around on a haystack not doing very much!

Glad to hear the weather's picking up.

Anne S said...

I wouldn't actually say the weather is picking up - it is contrary though. At least we are no longer in a drought cycle - rather the opposite.

Jan said...

Hope Christmas was great and you have a Very Happy New Year!