Monday, October 06, 2008

Ginja Roe CD Launch

Paul William Ray Band - l to r - Michael Hall, Darren Steel, Paul William Ray

Yesterday afternoon Ginja Roe had a launch of their new CD Polished at the East Brunswick Club. Being a fan of their music I naturally attended with a couple of friends who had never heard their music before except when I myself first heard their first CD being played between acts at the Fred Eaglesmith show in March 2006.

I got there early to get a good position for photos and managed to grab a table with seating near the front.

The warm up band,
Paul William Ray band were a pleasant surprise. They performed an entertaining set of country rock music very much, to my mind, influenced by Ryan Adams, whom the lead singer, Paul William Ray, readily admits as being his favourite artist. The band did a creditable version of a Whiskeytown song Bar Lights, and also performed Hank Williams Love Sick Blues, which has Ryan Adams connotations as well, being Ryan’s offering on a Hank Williams tribute back in 2001.

For the occasion of their CD launch, Ginja Roe had a greatly expanded band which comprised besides themselves, Bob Spencer on electric guitar, a bass player, a keyboard player, ace violinist John Kendall and Bindy Cohen on drums.

Ginja Roe - l to r - Meg Doherty, John Kendall, Bindy Cohen, Pam Wouters

Altogether the band sound was big and loud, too loud for my friends whose ears are not as accustomed as mine to loud rock music. They didn’t last the distance. Sorry guys, I didn’t realise when I invited you to attend that it would be as loud as it was.

A good crowd was in attendance to watch the girls present the Polished CD in its entirety.

I stayed for the whole show and thoroughly enjoyed it. Both Meg and Pam were in fine form, playing and singing with enthusiastic verve.

I’ve written extensively about Ginja Roe before, so will only say they are really worth going to see live. They certainly put on a good show.

On the subject of music, I’m very much looking forward to Ryan Adams and the Cardinals new CD, Cardinology, which is to be released in late October. Also coming soon is Lucinda Williams latest offering, Little Honey, and a new CD from Ray LaMontagne. So, lots of good music coming my way this month.

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