Friday, October 03, 2008

Chasing the Sun at Basement Discs at Lunchtime

Chase the Sun - Basement Discs - 3rd October 2008

Although it is warm today in Melbourne, it is overcast as well, threatening rain. However, I caught a bit of musical sunshine at the Basement Discs at lunchtime watching Sydney Blues outfit, Chase The Sun performing live.

They were excellent - generating a big bold sound that set the ears buzzing. I’d never heard of the band until recently when they were scheduled for this afternoon’s in store performance.

A threesome, they are Jan Rynsaardt on guitar and vocals, Ryan Van Gennip on bass and Jon Howell, on drums and percussion.

Their music is blues and roots orientated but they have, as previously mentioned, a big, electric sound and their blues comes via Jimi Hendrix and ACDC. Jan Rynsaardt is a spectacular guitarist and has a great voice for blues.

They played a short set of songs from their debut self titled CD to the small appreciative audience who were so impressed with their performance they requested an encore. Highly enjoyable it was too.

Check out their My Space page for song samples and videos

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