Monday, June 16, 2008

Another meme

I have been tagged by Clare at Keeper of the Snails.

I have to reach for my nearest book and find the fifth sentence on page 123.

The only book I have within reach at the moment is my current commuting book, and the fifth sentence on page 123 is:

“An image rose up in my mind”

It’s from this book -

I tag Kay at
Made for the Weather , Jan at Jan’s Writing Journal and Larry at OFblog if he should stray this way as he was peeved at being always being among the unchosen for memes.


Clare Dudman said...

Looks good, Anne - and the sentence matches the cover extraordinarily well

Anne S said...

Clare: It does doesn't it. Actually, it's a pretty silly book, but entertaining in a crazy way - perfect for commuting.

Larry said...

Anne, I saw it, so here's my response. Thanks for the tag!