Friday, October 13, 2006

5 things feminism has done for me

I’ve been terribly lax in blogging so far this month, but will try and make up for it over the remainder of October.

First up, I was tagged for this meme by Clare at Keeper of the Snails.

I think I emerged from the womb as a feminist. It never occurred to me from my earliest childhood that I was in any way inferior to my brothers.

Like Clare, I was fortunate to have strong women in my mother and grandmother. They both lived extraordinarily hard lives, but were independent and hard working. Both lost their husbands when their children were mere babes. They had to make their own way in the world, both working in the nursing profession while raising three children apiece.

I’ve had it lucky compared to them. I grew up in a time of abundance and peace in the golden age of the 1950s and 1960s. I am one of the fortunate baby boomers.

So what has feminism done for me?

1. It taught me to be independent and not rely too much on other people. I hate to be indebted to anyone, though sometimes it is necessary.

2. I was encouraged get an education in order to rise above the common expectation of marriage and children, so I am very well educated in a classical sense. My education has not been much use in my professional life, but it allows me to appreciate the arts, without which I would be bored to death.

3. It has made me fearless. I don’t mind being alone and I am not intimidated by being thrust into strange social situations, or travelling by myself.

4. It has given me a casual approach to clothing and personal appearance. I dress for comfort rather than fashion and I don’t wear makeup, having decided long ago that people could take me or leave me on face value. As you can see in the photo above I was a bit of a hippy chick then. Still am.

5. It has made it perfectly respectable to be childless and live in sin. I just couldn’t come at marriage nor do I regret having no children.

As I am not all that involved in the blogging community, I can only think of one other person to tag with this meme. So, Chief Biscuit you’re tagged.

Other stuff

Update on my super stable.

It has been an interesting exercise, this super stable competition. My horses have experienced all sorts of vicissitudes and setbacks.

Haradasun, who promised so much earlier in the season, was withdrawn from the spring racing program due to injury. The injury was fairly minor, but rather than risk the horse his connections decided to give him a substantial spell and try again in autumn. They are to be commended for this, though it was disappointing from a keen racing fan’s point of view.

I have been through the two substitutions allowed and my final stable is:

Apache Cat
El Segundo
Gold Edition
Miss Finland
Wonderful World

El Segundo and Wonderful World are racing tomorrow. Miss Finland has been performing very well as has Gold Edition. Apache Cat was disappointing last start and I have no idea what has become of Paratroopers. Tawqueet is my staying pick for the Caulfield and Melbourne Cups. A horse with a similar name won in 1989, which could be an omen for good or bad, whatever.

I very much doubt that I have any hope of winning the competition, but it has been interesting and fun.

The Spring racing season continues until mid November, then it’s Christmas and end of year lists.

I hope to post my best of 2006 lists for music and books in late November early December.


clare said...

Great list, Anne! I thought what you said about having an education was interesting. I think that important point is missed in today's society. Education should not just be for work - but for the rest of life too. In many ways that is the most important part anyway.

I like that picture of you too. I'm so glad you've done this meme - I feel I know you a little more now.

I'm really pleased you've tagged CB.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I got such a surprise to see i am tagged!!! It's truly given me something to write now _ Iwas scrummaging around for ideas.

I like what you wrote very much. I can identify with a lot of it which surprises me as I wasn't particularly a hippie chick ...
Anyway - this has got me thinking ... I'll go now and start composing my very first post on feminism.

Anne S said...

Clare, Thanks for tagging me. It set me to thinking and also gave me the opportunity to use that old photograph. I might write a bit more about feminism and my progenitoresses who lived interesting lives.

CB, I look forward to your take on feminism.