Saturday, August 19, 2006

Windows Live Writer

I am composing this blog using a new FREE program from Microsoft called Windows Live Writer. It's a doozy of a program so far, with it's WYSIWYG interface. And it's very easy to use.

So, to make the entry a little more interesting I'll talk about my latest music discovery - young British singer/songwriter, Jinder whose latest CD is called "I'm Alive".

Jinder has a marvelous voice, rather reminiscent of Ryan Adams whom Jinder readily admits is one of his influences. One song on the CD is called "Townes' Blues" a tribute to one of Jinder's musical heroes, the late, great, Townes Van Zandt. Jinder's style of songwriting borrows a lot from Townes Van Zandt. He certainly can't go wrong there, as Townes is acknowledged as one of the great songwriters of the 20th Century. Jinder's tribute to Townes cleverly borrows words and phrases from TVZ 's famous songs "Flying Shoes", "To Live is to Fly" and "No Deeper Blue" among others. Jinder's song brings back all that TVZ means to those who love his music and mourned his passing and is a TVZ type of song as well.

I first discovered Jinder on a Ryan Adams fansite messageboard where he was touting his version of one of Adams' songs, "Nuclear". Jinder's version is a wonderful slowed down version and quite distinct from the Ryan Adams original.

I've been following his career with interest since then and strongly feel that he is an artist to follow. This latest CD is a winner and a much stronger effort than his first CD "Willow Park" which showed enormous promise, but seems somewhat raw in comparison to "I'm Alive".

Anyway, I'm about to publish this page so we'll see how Windows Live Writer performs in this regard. Cross fingers and hope for the best.

Update on Live Writer

It worked very well, except for images. I had to add the image in Blogger edit mode. However, it is very handy being able to set up a blog entry at desk top level then publish.


chiefbiscuit said...

I'd be interestd to look up this singer.

Anne S said...

You can listen to some of his music on his website. His version of Townes Van Zandte's "Rake" is gorgeous. He also has more music on his myspace page.