Thursday, May 04, 2017

Bingo Progress Report 5–Wickedness with Whiskers

bingo 32

Bingo is now 5 months old and has grown quite a bit since my last report, though is still considerably smaller than the Russian Princess who really finds him annoying, as do we.

The last kitten we had was Willy thirteen years ago, which is sufficient time to forget -  no matter how cute and comical -  how tiresome kitten antics can be at times.

Bingo is full of energy and mischief when he’s not sleeping, and trashes the place in the blink of an eye. Cat toys are scattered throughout the house, some mysteriously missing in action, only to reappear several days later.

He wakes me in the morning, after his breakfast, dumping one of his toys near my head wanting to play fetch. He can be as persistent as those dogs who beg you to throw a ball. Fortunately cats don’t slobber all over their toys, so it’s less unpleasant to pick up the object (a small catnip cushion mostly) and throw it over and over again – as often as he brings it back.

Talya, as previously mentioned, is not feeling any more kindly towards him, and no wonder. Bingo just won’t give up hassling and stalking her and stands his ground when she inevitably reacts violently.


The above photo shows Talya sitting in the cane armchair in the backyard studio, where she retreats during the day to avoid Bingo. That is until he finds her and of course sets about annoying her, jumping on the arm of the chair and climbing over the back to the opposite arm rest, while Talya watches in nervous astonishment.

Bingo has finally worked out the ins and outs of the cat door, though unlike Willy is not insistent on staying outdoors most of the time, seeming to prefer our company indoors.

Of late, one of his endearing, though messy, habits is dragging in dried plane tree leaves and presenting them as a gift, dropping them in your lap as you sit in front of the computer.

He’s still intact so we have to get him desexed in the near future. Perhaps that will moderate his behaviour towards Talya and make him kinder towards her, though I’m not holding my breath on it.


Ann ODyne said...

oh ... tittens. as with humans, what attracts us in the first place, ends up repelling us I guess. Thinking of a husband I had once, who stressed at the beginning, how it was important to him that I not be a boring person. However, 23 yeas later when he flounced off with the homewrecker he snarled "I never know what you're going to do next!". BINGO!

Sorry to agree with your suspicion though, that neutering will not calm Bingo down. It will however, save him from fight injuries and disappearing for a fortnight chasing neighbouring queen cats and creating unwanted litters.

I just spent 10 minutes untangling myself from Google+, and while doing it, recalled that I joined in the first place just to see The Cats Of Google+. BINGO!

Anne S said...

Oh, I'm not complaining over much about kitten antics. Bingo is a lovable little fellow mostly, but quite distracting at other times. For instance as I write this he's clawing his way up the back of ergonomic chair. He chases the cursor on the computer screen as well, so lucky it is not a touch screen or who knows where that would lead. He inadvertently opens programs by running across the keyboard too.