Monday, May 30, 2016

J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars


I recently enjoyed playing J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars, a computer game designed by a two man Indie team who trade as CBE Software.

As I have grown bored with playing the ho hum, not another supernatural themed adventure game,  J.U.L.I.A. was a refreshing change of scene and is a Science Fiction adventure set aboard a Space Probe circling a distant solar system.

When the game opens, only one member of the original extensive crew remains. This is Rachel Manners, a young astrobiologist, who is wakened from cryo sleep by the probe’s onboard AI, named Julia, to assist in repairing the craft after it had been severely damaged in a meteoroid storm.

After repairing the Probe, it is time to wonder what happened to the rest of crew and this involves sending the third character, a huge reconnaissance robot called Mobot, to explore the various planets in the solar system.

Gradually the fate of the missing crew members is revealed as each planet is explored.

It’s an engaging, fun game with unusual puzzles that involve building circuit boards to upgrade Mobot’s capabilities, and hacking into the data pads of the missing crew.

Rachel Manners I found to be somewhat  naive, and slightly annoying, the AI Julia being a far wiser being than she.

Julia’s influence and independence of mind becomes clear as the game progresses. In some ways she has a sharper moral conscience than the human Rachel.

The game is available on both Steam and GOG. It was on half price sale when I purchased it at GOG, which made it good value for money.

I’ve just started on another game called Goetia, where you play a confused ghost roaming around a large mansion. The graphics are gorgeous and the game so far is quite intriguing.  It’s available on Steam for a reasonable price.

At least, playing computer games  is one way of whiling away the time during the – yawn – election campaign and a distraction from the winter chill.


Ann ODyne said...

oh darling you clever thing. I now have FOUR cellphones and still cannot operate any of them. the newest this week is a smartphone I hope is smart enough to do it all for me. play ON

Anne S said...

Smart phones can be more difficult to operate than the dumber ones. I've got a cheap Samsung smart phone, which I hardly use for anything other than making and receiving calls, though you can download games and such on it.

I prefer to use my big desktop computer or iPad for game playing.

Good Luck in getting your smart phone trained.