Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The One Of A Kind Cat Book

We all know that cats rule the internet. As the most intriguing and amusing creatures in existence, it is only their due. They have been lauded since Ancient Egypt in books and other media before the Internet was invented.


For instance there was Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, by T S Eliot, in which the acclaimed poet celebrated the peculiarity of the species in comic verse.

And now comes a thoroughly modern equivalent – The One Of A Kind Cat Book, an enchanting creation of Ciye Cho, featuring a cast of 16 interesting feline characters.


Ciye both illustrates and writes fantasy novels, and The One Of A Kind Cat Book is his latest creative project. It  is available for purchase as an eBook (pdf) on his website.

Within the pages of this lavishly illustrated book, you will meet feline actress supreme, Catalina Deneuve, a rare flying ocelot of the Amazon rain forest, the mysterious rainbow cat of Svalbard, a magician’s assistant, and many other remarkable cats, some of them quite malevolent.

It’s a cleverly written little book, the narrative taking the form of letters, journal entries, email correspondence, post cards, websites and book excerpts. Ciye has a breezy writing style, somewhat tongue in cheek, and is altogether charmingly amusing.

Ciye hopes to produce a physical copy of The One Of A Kind Cat Book, but in the meantime you can purchase the eBook (pdf) for a mere $3.00 here.

It will appeal to cat lovers everywhere, and even dog fanciers will find it entertaining.


Ann ODyne said...

Catalina! a perfect cat's name that I noticed on [rarely seen] TV the other evening on an actual person and wondered what on earth her parents were thinking.
I hope you get lots of catbooks for Christmas dear CatPolitics. wishing you all good things.

Anne S said...

And Merry Christmas to you Ms O'Dyne.

I hope you checked out Ciye's website. He's an enterprising, very talented young man and deserves a bit of support.