Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bound for Botany Bay

Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge from the  Botanical Gardens - 2005

This coming Friday I am flying to Sydney for the weekend; off on a solo adventure ostensibly to attend Mystic Medusa’s Astro New Year Dinner, which at a mad whim I booked for as soon I knew about it.

The last time I visited Sydney was in October 2005, which when I took the above photo, and on that occasion I was there to spend time with American friends, weird fiction writer Jeff Vandermeer and his lovely wife Ann. We had a fun time walking around Sydney, visiting the zoo and dining out in Chinatown.  So at least I got to know the city quite well then.

This time I plan to spend some time visiting relatives and also attend what looks to be an excellent day of racing at Rosehill on Saturday afternoon where a host of my favourite racehorses will be running. On Sunday I’ll explore Sydney, perhaps visit the NSW Gallery, where they have a great collection of Margaret Preston paintings.

The Astro New Year Dinner is to celebrate the beginning of the Astrological cycle, which starts at the autumn equinox every year in the sign of Aries and begins the procession of the sun signs through the year. 

Having been interested in Astrology most of my life and being a self taught horoscope compiler, I naturally find Mystic Medusa’s Blog interesting reading.  Her perception and knowledge of the subject is awe inspiring, and her writing style is sassy, smart and witty.  I shall enjoy mingling with other pseudo intellectual astro bitches (Mystic’s term) at the dinner. I never get a chance to discuss astrology with any of my  circle of friends, so it will be a treat.

I rather wonder how we will be seated at the dinner. Mystic did mention putting all the sun signs on their own separate tables, or maybe compatible signs will be put with each other, or maybe they’ll be divided into the elements, fire with fire, earth with earth etc. Whatever, it should be a fun night, and I’m really looking forward to meeting Mystic Medusa in person.

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Whispering Gums said...

Have a great time Anne. I look forward to your report, and particularly to hearing how you were seated and, more importantly, how well it worked!