Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Farewell Nelly – Black Caviar Retires

black caviar3

The news came today that Australia’s favourite racehorse Black Caviar will be retired and sent to the breeding barn. Who her first beau will be is yet to be revealed.

I am not exactly sad about the news, but more deflated than anything. She deserves to go out a winner - after all, what more has she got to prove. She’s won 25 races, 15 of them at Group One level, and remains undefeated - a perfect record.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know how long I’ve been following her racing career. I first mentioned her name on this blog way back on August 21st 2009 when she was about to run in her third race.

It has been a heady four years watching her progress from a promising three year old to the world’s most invincible sprinter, so the racing scene shall feel a bit flat for a while, without the expectation of seeing Black Caviar in action. It’s similar to how I felt when Sunline retired. A race day when she graced the turf had extra sparkle – likewise with Black Caviar.

Black Caviar will be farewelling her fans with a special appearance at Caulfield next Saturday, so I’ll be there to see her parading one last time. I freely admit that I’m a Black Caviar tragic; I have quite a collection of Black Caviar memorabilia including two ticket holders with winning tickets that were being given out at the TAB last Saturday if you placed a bet on Black Caviar. I notice these ticket holders are being flogged off on EBay for a tidy profit, but I’m hanging onto mine and all the other stuff I’ve accrued. I regard them as historical relics.

I am grateful to Black Caviar in more ways than one. She enhanced every race day in which she appeared; she created an unbelievable – you had to be there – atmosphere at the track and changed my life. Prior to participating in the Black Caviar cheer squad, I would never have contemplated going to the races at Caulfield and Flemington. I was drearily stuck on Moonee Valley and my once or twice a year day at the races. Now I realise just what I was missing and regret my former reluctance to branch out beyond my comfort zone. 

Enjoy your retirement Black Caviar, we’ll never see anything like you again. In the meantime I look forward to seeing your sons and daughters on the track a few years from now.

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