Monday, March 11, 2013

A Musical Interlude

Normally at this time of year I would have a great many evenings booked for concert attendances. But this year I’ve been very slack and have felt uninspired by what was on offer. I’ve seen many of the touring artists before, and even though seeing them again would be pleasurable, I can’t summon the energy to book a ticket. Besides, I’m a bit wearied of going to things by myself all the time. Much as I enjoy solitary outings with only myself to please, other people’s company is also welcome and adds another dimension to the experience.

I have of course been attending the Basement Discs in store performances, and they’ve all been great. Last Thursday Woody Guthrie’s grand daughter Sarah Lee Guthrie with her husband Johnny Irion played a lovely little show.

sarah lee guthrie_johnny irion 002

And prior to that there have been The Livingstone Daisies, a local group composed of Liz Stringer, the Walker (Van & Cal) brothers and Michael Barclay, Jack Howard, who was most enjoyable, Chris Wilson and Geoff Achison and guitar ace Nick Charles.

My one solitary booking for the music festival season is for Neil Young & Crazy Horse at the Plenary this coming Wednesday. The ticket was purchased through the auspices of a Ticketmaster gift card from Nu Country.  I’ve got a great seat, courtesy of Ticketmaster. I originally booked for the show in the presale, and scored a pretty good seat. Then Ticketmaster sent me an email saying that they were upgrading my seat, as front row seating had mysteriously become available. So I’ve gone from Row Y in the tiered seating area to Row R, which happens to be the front row. There is a standing area at the front of the stage, so hopefully the tiered seating is raised or I’ll have heads obscuring my view.

I’ve never been to the venue before, nor seen Neil Young live, so it should be a great show, if very loud, as has been reported.  However, I’ve taken the precaution of buying ear plugs, as I find I can’t tolerate extremely loud music anymore.

Anyway I will report back on Thursday with my impressions of the show.


Ann ODyne said...

Neil will probably have earplugs too. What a thrill getting the up close and personal seating.

I have old Neil vinyl albums in front of me now and just love him.
I look forward to your review post.

Marshall Stacks said...

At each of Young's gigs on this tour (so far Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney) many fans could be seen shifting uncomfortably in their seats - some right out of them and into the night air - once they realised Young would barely be touching his acoustic guitar.
At one point Young and Sampedro press their guitars against the huge stack speakers and revel in glorious feedback; Young might be 67 now, but he's not known as the Godfather of Grunge for nothing.
While we're on surprises, the heavier sound won't be the only talking point. Young and Crazy Horse throw a good deal of slightly bizarre panto humour in the mix - for instance, in Sydney on Sunday the stage was regularly overrun by men in white lab coats with crazy hair (musical scientists perhaps?). Before the gig began they all stood to Advance Australia Fair (including Young), then later threw what looked suspiciously like bloomers at the band members from stage left. Even pensionable rock stars get groupies, apparently.

Read more:

Anne S said...

Yeah, I've read all the reviews, and am likely to be one of those who feel like leaving early, but I'm remaining open minded about it and may be pleasantly surprised as I'm not averse to a bit of grunge, though I do find extended jams somewhat tedious.

Anonymous said...

extended jams the lifeblood of the old hippie. still love LedZeps Kashmir after all the years.

Thanks for the great summary of the Ol' Shakey concert. I might have wept so a good thing I wasn't there, and as for Day In The Life and Greensleeves - you know you don't expect 'normal' from Neil.
Just think about the incredible musical distance between the two songs. wow.

and that Basements Discs guy playing his violin like a ukelele - wow2.
till next time. Stacks ODyne