Friday, January 25, 2013

The New Republic of Cats Gets a Princess


The Cat Politics domicile has acquired another cat. You may recognise her as Talya, the Russian Princess who I had the pleasure of attending last year during the house renovations. Her owners have been feeling guilty about the time they spend away on their own pursuits, leaving Talya to the tender mercies of a cattery.  It seems that Talya has spent more time at the cattery than in her home, hence their concern for the cat’s welfare.

They asked, and we agreed to adopt Talya and she moved in last Tuesday.  This of course has changed the dynamics of the cat situation. Not only does poor old Willy have to contend with the cats next door, who seem to treat our backyard as their second home, he now has to put up with a home invasion by a strange cat. 

So far no blood has been shed, but there have been growls and hisses, as the cats have come face to face.  Fortunately Talya is a very sweet natured cat and seems more curious about Willy than afraid or aggressive. He is rather more apprehensive, but after several days of co existence, appears to be mellowing slightly or resigned to sharing his home turf.

talya_climbing frame (Large)

Talya has chosen to hang out in the spare room on top of the bookcase (see top photo). She climbs up there via her climbing frame which accompanied her when she moved in, along with her other accoutrements – kitty litter and tray. blanket , food bowls, toys, cat food etc. She has settled in well and appears calm and happy.

For the first few days we didn’t let her outside as every time we did she slid under the gate and headed for her former home two doors up.  Fortunately she has got over this and is content to stay in the front garden and explore its delights. She even ventured under the house this afternoon, and we were a bit apprehensive when Willy followed her under there. They both emerged eventually, covered in cobwebs but
unperturbed  She won’t go into the backyard yet, and is unaware of the cat door and how it functions. She is after all used to being an indoor cat.

monty_170113 001

The above photo is of the prodigal Monty, who is regularly seen in the backyard. He’s extremely friendly and runs up to be patted if you call him. He and Willy maintain a cautious distance from each other, but exhibit no aggression. 

When I shot the above photo of Monty, he was lounging in the carport, while Willy relaxed on the “lawn”, which due to the current drought is now brown and sere.

willy170113 002

There’s never a dull moment when you are surrounded by cats, and cat politics is a  life study that continues to fascinate and engross this observer.

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Anonymous said...

I'm more a dog person than a cat person, but cats are pretty creatures. Good on you for taking in Talya.