Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home comforts at hand, but somewhat squashed


Pictured above is the remaining living area in the Cat Politics domicile, formerly the dining room. As you can see it has all the home comforts – TV, stereo, computer, bed and booze. All that’s missing is adequate heating, but we are a hardy lot and our habit during winter is to leave the doors open for airing anyway, and only turn the heating on at night. There is a small portable Rinnai gas heater we can use to take edge off in the evenings.

The renovations commenced on Monday morning and as I write, all the carpet has been removed from the front rooms, not to mention the floorboards, and the en suite bathroom is gutted.

living_room (Medium) living_room_260612 (Medium)

Living Room carpet  cleared of furniture

Living Room floorless

dinner table_260612 (Medium)
Dining  this evening – to take advantage of the wall heater – decadent living in the true sense

I’m staying here this week, then moving two doors up to mind the neighbour’s house and cat for five weeks next Tuesday.  So far B and I have not come to blows coping with the compressed household arrangements, but it does become a trifle irksome, if one party wants to watch TV or play CDs when the other seeks peace and quiet.

Surprisingly Willy, after making himself scarce for most of yesterday, has adapted to the disruption well and barely turned a hair at the racket created by the builders today.

Well may you ask what has happened to the furniture etc. that used to stand in the now denuded rooms.

B very cunningly managed to squeeze the bulk of it into the backyard studio with the other odd item or dozen being stored on the front verandah.

studio (Medium) verandah (Medium)

Backyard studio

Front verandah (with Willy cat, centre)

By now of course, I’ve totally forgotten where everything is, so if I suddenly think of something I really need, it’s tough luck. Fortunately I didn’t have to pack up my large bookcase; it’s intact covered with a tarp and still accessible.


whisperinggums said...

You're doing this in winter?! How long will it take? Do keep us up to date ...

Anne S said...

Yes, Mrs Gums, mid winter madness and it won't be finished until Spring. Still, Melbourne winters are not as cold as those in Canberra.

Amanda said...

Fireplace envy.

Anne S said...

If you are referring to the fireplace in the denuded living room, that has now gone as well and the surround and grate are up for sale on Ebay. One of those gas flame fire appliances will be occupying the space in the future. However, we do have three more decorative fire places in other rooms.

Ann O'Dyne said...

wonderful photos and love the cat possie in the verandah cupboard.
Renovating is like camping - frig, bed,kettle and TV all together.
Good luck with the whole darn thing.