Friday, April 13, 2012

Rock & Soul – Liz Stringer at Basement Discs


I was pleased to be present at yet another quality performance today in store at Basement Discs, when local singer songwriter Liz Stringer delivered an affecting mini show promoting her brand new CD Warm in the Darkness.

Liz Stringer is one of the most talented music artists in Melbourne, and she ably demonstrated this today when she gave the appreciative lunchtime crowd a sampler from the new album. It’s quite different to what she has done before, being considerably more informed by rock and soul than her previous recordings, which were more  folky solo singer songwriter stuff. That’s not to say they are in any way inferior to her current CD, but she has certainly given her wonderful songs a more dynamic treatment this time round.

Liz is an excellent songwriter, her songs being articulate and emotionally moving, often melancholic, but with cutting lyrics that give sharp character portraits of the protagonists of her story songs.

I am very taken with her new CD and was instantly captivated by her new songs, particularly one called High Open Hills and also the title track.

Today she was accompanied by fellow singer songwriter Van Walker who played electric guitar and sang backing vocals.

Give Liz a listen on her My Space page and be converted.

Next Saturday 21st April is International Independent Record Store Day, and Basement Discs will be having a fabulous line up of artists playing in store and other sundry goodies. Details are here.

Just think where we’d be without the local record store and how sorely they’d be missed if they were no more.

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