Friday, February 17, 2012

Spellbinding – The Orbweavers at Basement Discs

the orbweavers 008

I haven’t seen or heard live music for ages, so it was a pleasure to travel to Basement Discs at lunchtime today to take in the sweet vibes and beautiful music of The Orbweavers.

The Orbweavers are principally Marita Dyson and Stuart Flanagan who formed the group in 2006, drawn together by a mutual love of nature, history and old things.

They were in store today to promote their third album Loom, a collection of  “evocative dark-tinged folk songs travel through creeks, over quarries, under dangerous needlework, with greyhounds, past bell birds and bridges, on a rising tide out to sea”.

They sang several of them today, You Can Run (about their pet ex racing greyhound), Spotswood (a paean to Melbourne’s western suburbs), Confessions and others. Their music is sweet and dreamy with lush accompaniments on guitar, trumpet and fiddle, enhanced by seductive melancholic undertones.

Check them out on their My Space page and give them a listen.

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