Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy Birthday Ms Lizzie


Above is Lizzie the cat’s  portrait for her 16th birthday today.  She finally sat still and let me take it. For a 16 year old cat she’s doing pretty well for her age. Her appetite is keen and she still has plenty of flesh on her bones, unlike some other cats her age I have encountered who are skin and bone. However, she has slowed down considerably and spends most of her days lying on the warm bricks in the front garden, unless it’s too hot, in which case she sprawls out in one of her favourite spots inside.

The trouble with her lying in the front garden is that the young female cat from next door has developed a habit of coming over the fence to menace Lizzie, who is in no way threatening to her. It’s a bit of a problem as young Piccolo has attitude with a capital A, and we regularly have to run out, when we hear the yowling, and chase her away. She (Piccolo) has Willy running scared as well; he won’t go near her.

The following photo is of Willy and Lizzie facing off after a tiff. Lizzie certainly won’t let Willy get away with anything, like jumping on her, and will fiercely fend him off.

cats_stand off_050112

I’ve never had a cat that has lived as long as Lizzie has, so it’s a new study in feline behaviour, as elderly cats do develop senile idiosyncrasies, like wandering around yowling for no reason, and run and hide during thunder storms.

Anyway, here’s hoping the sweet old girl has many more years in her and remains healthy and happy.


Anonymous said...

Here's to Miss Lizzie ... and I wouldn't let Willy jump on me either!

Our poodle is nearly 14. Also slowing down and quite arthritic but she still has flesh too, and a good appetite. We hope she has another year or two in her. Time will tell I suppose.

Anne S said...

I once had a dog, a Springer Spaniel, who died through mischance at the age of 14, who did look before that happened as if she would live for many more years. She was arthritic and deaf, but going strong.

When she died I never felt compelled to get another dog. It has been cats ever since.

Ann O'Dyne said...

She is lovely and 16 is a great age. Young pets go under the bed well before we realise thunder is brewing.

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