Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cat Politics Update

Nothing much has changed within the household as far as the resident moggies are concerned, but the local neighbourhood feline population has mutated. These days we are surrounded by cat owners, and all the cats are female.

Normally with the arrival of Spring young Willy would be out and about and looking for a fight, or more likely encountering another male cat looking for a brawl. It’s happened every Spring that he would at some stage come home with wounds, which generally resulted in a visit to the Vet.  Not so this year. I put it down to the female cats deterring visits from local males, Willy excepted.

He actually gets on quite well with the girls. Young Piccolo (Pinto) next door goes out of her way to flirt with him.

cats 005

As for Lizzie, she seems hardly fazed by this influx of fellow lady cats – she sort of tolerates them, even Pickle who has been the bane of her life for years. Pickle and Piccolo had a falling out some months ago which resulted in the kitten having to visit the Vet for a scratched eye. It was Piccolo’s fault – she was stalking Pickle and got her comeuppance. You don’t mess with old lady cats, as she should know as she lives with one next door who is named after Simone de Beauvoir’s cat and is also a tortoiseshell. We don’t see much of her.

cats_300511 _pickle

Lizzie is feeling her age these days, and despite being occasionally off her food, still appears spry and healthy.

cats 006

She and Willy coexist more or less peacefully, with very few tiffs. Willy seems to have slowed down and is much more likely to be home than out and about these days.

cats 016

And the cat on the lap is of course Willy; he is my feline companion when I read in bed of a morning.

Speaking of cats and books, check out the wonderful Writers & Kitties, a blog that features photos of famous writers and their cats.


Anonymous said...

oh a Burmese! such special smoochy kitties. lucky you.
X X Anne o'd

Anne S said...

Actually Ann, he's a Tonkinese - half burmese, half siamese but a distinct breed. Very pretty cats they are with great personalities.

Anonymous said...

I am cat-sitting a burmese and he insists on sleeping under the doona all night.

meanwhile over at Twinter ..
#horseracingmovies is now trending

it's hysterical. pls come over and play
x x annie o'd

Anne S said...

Oriental cats have a compulsion to sleep in the bed with you. Willy does this and it can be very challenging when he climbs in drenched from being out in the rain.