Friday, August 12, 2011

Eagle & The Worm – Woo Hoo!

Melbourne is acknowledged to be the live music capital of Australia, and it seems to me that new bands are emerging from the cracks in the pavement at a remarkable rate.

Witness today, the live in store at Basement Discs, where new local band Eagle & The Worm – all eight of them – performed a lively half hour of music promoting their debut CD/Vinyl Good Times.

eagleandworm1 (Medium) 

Band members are Jarrad Brown, Richard Bradbeer, Jim Lawrie, Joe Cope, Michael Hubbard, Emily Mould, Ross Beaton, Liam McGorry, but don’t ask me to identify who is who, except Emily (obviously), who plays trombone, or how they came by their unusual band name.

And their music? Well, it was loud as you’d expect, but really joyful and fun. I heard snatches of The Cars, the Beatles, The Beach Boys in the mix, so I’d say it was playful pop and it was played and sung with verve.

Being an eight piece outfit, they obviously didn’t fit onto the tiny Basement stage, so here’s a photo of the brass section.

eagleandworm2 (Small)

I missed writing about last Friday’s Basement Discs in-store, when another talented group of Melbourne musicians calling themselves Brothers Grim and The Blue Murders, showcased their debut CD, A Year To Forget. They describe themselves as “…four Blues Hounds reviving 20's blues, in an unwholesome, moon howling, sweat dripping, groin shaking fervor. It's been loosely described as... "Unwholesome sex voodoo delta blues-a-billy" or "Howlin' Wolf in an AC/DC T-shirt on too much cocaine"”


Notwithstanding their excellent interpretation of blues , you’d feel tempted to buy the CD for the cover alone – I love it!

Next Friday Don Walker (Cold Chisel) takes the Basement stage, then on  Tuesday 23rd August The Amazing Rhythm Aces, a great band from the USA will be performing an in-store.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

great Brothers Grim cover and I do love bad blues. will look for their gigs ...