Friday, August 19, 2011

Don Walker – Quality with a Capital Q

don_walker 001

Today’s well attended in-store at Basement Discs starred former Cold Chisel lyricist and keyboard player, Don Walker. He is the man who wrote the  famous Chisel songs Choir Girl, Khe Sanh, Saturday Night, Flame Trees, etc. etc. He is recognized as one of Australia’s best song writers and he sang some fine examples today, starting with the bluesy Angry Women, following that with Postcard from Elvis – both fabulous songs – and several more, closing with the raunchy Yakuza Girls.

I must admit I have not paid any attention to Don Walker’s solo career, so was mightily impressed by his performance today. He was accompanied by his current band The Suave Fucks (described as "all songs and no database") who provided very tasteful backing to his wonderful songs. They included Charlie Owen and several other familiar musicians whose names escape me.

The artist he most reminded me of was Texas singer/songwriter supremo Guy Clark; Don Walker’s songs have that same quality of literacy and cleverness with words. Like Guy Clark his songs tell great stories that reel out like a movie in your brain.

A truly excellent quality half hour of music, which had to be seen to be believed.

Don Walker is also the author of acclaimed memoir Shots

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