Friday, May 06, 2011

Rumble, Shake & Tumble with the Wagons

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I just love watching the Wagons band perform live, and had an opportunity today to see them at an in store at Basement Discs. Their new album Rumble, Shake & Tumble, was released today and a large audience was at Basement Discs to celebrate the launch.

As a live band Wagons are dynamic, rambunctious and riveting. Led by the very funny and charismatic Henry Wagons, they gave us a taste of the new record to the tune of four or five songs. Very tasty it was too, full of country rock goodness, and included a great tribute song to Willie Nelson.

Henry was in fine form spruiking the new record for all his worth, and I’m certain many CDs were sold, particularly after he called for pug puppy Gordon to join him on stage. How could you love the guy and not buy his record!
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Check them out on
My Space and try and get to a live performance during their extensive tour supporting the new album. They won’t be back in Melbourne until mid July when they’ll be doing an extravaganza at the Forum Theatre.


Alex Hallahan said...

I really enjoy your blog Anne, thank you for the great read! Cheers, Al

Anne S said...

Thanks Alex! Aprreciate your comments. Will check out your blog.

Alex Hallahan said...

Oh thanks so much for your kind words Anne! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the song. Al