Friday, October 15, 2010

Winter returns but Charles Jenkins brings a spot of sunshine to Basement Discs

In my preview of the Caulfield Cup below, I mentioned that the weather was expected to be nasty, cold and wet tomorrow. Well, it has already arrived, the weather in Melbourne today being all the above with torrential rain and wild winds causing a blooming of inside-out umbrellas on Melbourne streets. There is even a possibility that the races will be cancelled tomorrow, the track being rated too heavy to risk holding a meeting.

Despite the weather, I managed to make it downtown to see
Charles Jenkins perform an in store at Basement Discs, arriving only slightly damp.

It was worth the effort, Charles Jenkins delivering a heart warming mini concert, performing songs from his brand new CD Walk This Ocean, coincidently being released today.

From the taste we were given today, it’s a great album full of beautifully written songs that deal with love and loss and in the case of the song High Alone, desperation and heartbreak as narrated by a drug addict.

Charles was accompanied today by two members of his Zhivagos band, Davey Lane on guitar and Art Starr on electric bass.

As well High Alone (a magnificent sad song) Charles and band covered the title track, a lovely melodic tune, Swing Bridge, a tale of love and disillusion, and the dramatic Save! Save! Save! as well as one or two more.

Splendid stuff!

Check out Charles Jenkins and The Zhivagos on the link above.

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