Friday, October 22, 2010

Lurid Yellow Mist infiltrates a sunny Melbourne lunchtime.

As a complete contrast to last Friday, where it was cold windy and wet, Melbourne today put on a warm sunny face - sandals and t-shirts as opposed to boots and woolly coats.

Splendid weather in fact to wander the city streets all the way down to Basement Discs for
Dave Graney and The Lurid Yellow Mist , performing in store today.

It was an entertaining half hour or so, Dave Graney being his zany self and playing his eccentric music.

The in store was to support Dave Graney’s latest CD Supermodified which on paper appears to copy the current naming fashion for racehorses, eg Starspangledbanner, Absolutelyawesome etc etc.

Don’t know if Dave Graney would approve of having his album title compared to a racehorse, but that iswhat it reminds me of.

The Lurid Yellow Mist today comprised Clare Moore on drums, Stuart Perera on electric guitar and Stuart Thomas on electric bass, as well as Dave Graney on a 12 string guitar.

Supermodiified is a mix of old and new songs and is described on Dave Graney’s website as…

“…like a souped up hot rodded version of the original songs, with some extra tracks that got lost along the way. We put the songs up on the blocks and re-tuned them, re-sang them, re-strung them , put more drums and percussion and vocals and keys and remixed all of them. Inserted ,bussed , sent, returned, compressed , buzzed, eq’d and coloured all the reverbs and delays and remastered it at the end. It’s a new thing. “

The taste were given today of songs like The Brother Who Lived, Anchors Aweigh, All Our Friends Are Stars etc. was offbeat, eccentric and loud. The more you listened, the more you GOT it.

So all in all it was an interesting and amusing way to pass a lunch hour on a sunny day in Melbourne.

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