Friday, September 17, 2010

Que Paso at the Basement Discs

Indeed, you may well ask “what happened” (in Spanish) at Basement Discs today. Chris Altmann and band Que Paso rocked the socks off a select audience in a lively lunchtime in store.

Playing songs from Chris’s new album Que Paso, Chris and his cast of thousands (it seemed) band delivered a foot tapping set of feel good rock n roll, with a touch of country rock thrown in for good measure.

With three electric guitars, a saxophone, and drums, you’d be right to assume that it was not exactly a quiet set, but a very enervating performance of classic rock songs, all written by and sung by Chris Altmann. He’s a talented guy!

The band at Basement Discs today comprised Chris Altmann on drums and leading vocals (yes, a singing drummer), Mike Hager (once an employee of Basement Discs), Paul Thomas and Cal Walker all on guitar, Sam Boon on saxophone with Suzannah Espie providing backing vocals.

Melbourne is truly the music capital of Australia – good bands such as Que Paso seem to be forming all the time. I like the mix and match nature of the Melbourne music scene, musicians and singers seem to be in demand across several musical outfits.

Check out Chris and Que Paso at his
My Space Page

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