Friday, July 23, 2010

Dan Kelly’s Dream Live at Basement Discs

It’s a dreary overcast day here in Melbourne this Friday, and what better way to escape the chill and gloom, than to venture to the Basement discs for some rock 'n' roll goodness, which was delivered in spades by Dan Kelly and his Dream Band.

When I arrived at the Basement it was all happening, sound checks, the stage being decked in plastic leaves, an animated fish tank sort of thing glowing back stage, the band milling around waiting to start. Which indeed they did, after Pat (Basement Discs) delivered another of his excellent introductions, somehow working in a scene from Apocalypse Now to heighten the expectations of the larger than normal audience.

Pat’s intro was apt, as it turned out, as Dan Kelly and band launched into a most engaging set of songs drawn from his brand new CD, titled Dan Kelly’s Dream, a somewhat psychedelic collection of quirky songs with fantastical lyrics, describing Dan’s very vivid dream life.

He started with The Catholic Leader, a fantasy about a nun, following that with his new single Bindi Irwin Apocalypse, a bizarre underwater vision involving the eponymous heroine of the title. He also performed the title track Dan Kelly’s Dream and The Decommissioner a song about blowing up the Hazelwood Power Station.

The Dream Band comprises Indra Adams on bass, Dave Williams on drums and Keirnan Box on keyboards. They, enhanced by atmospheric sound effects, made a huge noise of ear buzzing intensity. Dan played guitar, originally electric, until he broke strings on two separate guitars, then on acoustic.

It was a highly entertaining in store performance, and a welcome diversion for a wintry day in beautiful, sometimes, Melbourne.

Check out Dan Kelly’s Blog at - it’s rather amusing.


iODyne said...

if one knew nothing else about them, they deserve love for the ivy-covered mic stands alone.

joven said...

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