Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweetness & Light – Suzie Dickinson at Basement Discs

I’m a bit late getting round to writing about Suzie’s in store, but work commitments etc have impeded on the time I could have had to write.

Last Friday’s lunchtime in store performance which starred Suzie Dickinson and band at
Basement Discs, was certainly up to standard and a very enjoyable half hour it was too.

Suzie’s CD 19 Steps, as I’ve said before. is a beauty, full of alt country goodness and then some. B, who is hard to please, reckons this is the best CD he’s heard this year. I have to agree. It really gets under your skin and into your head, so that you find yourself humming bits of it inadvertently.

Suzie was accompanied by only part of her band with Dave Flett on “lead” bass and Ron Mahony providing tympanic effects. Despite being in the local music scene for many years, 19 Steps is her first released album. Ross Hannaford (Daddy Cool) provides very tasteful guitar throughout.

Check out
Suzie’s My Space for a sample of the songs. You can buy a copy of the CD directly from there via PayPal or if you want to support indie record stores, there are several listed to choose from, including of course Basement Discs.

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