Friday, May 21, 2010

The Engaging Rebecca Barnard entertains Basement Discs

On this mild to cool day in Melbourne, Basement Discs hosted a sunny in store performance by Rebecca Barnard, to promote her new CD Everlasting.

Rebecca is well known as the lead singer of Rebecca’s Empire, a hallowed Melbourne rock band of the 1990s. She has been going it solo for some years now and Everlasting sounds like a winner.

She gave us a taste of it today, and it sounded really good, despite there being only Rebecca singing and playing guitar with Michael den Elzer contributing bass notes.

Rebecca has a delightful, confident and witty stage presence and has one of those great singing voices - a little sultry, a little bitter sweet.

Check her out on
My Space and hear for yourself.

Next Friday Lisa Miller, her with the blue eyed and broken hearted voice, will be performing tracks from her new CD Car Tape 2. I sincerely hope she sings the Ryan Adams song She Wants To Play Hearts which I notice is on the record. She Wants To Play Hearts is, in my opinion, one of Ryan’s best songs, the imagery in the words being so utterly perfect and complete.

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