Monday, March 22, 2010

Gasp, Sigh – The Extraordinary Truckstop Honeymoon

Back on the sticky carpets at the East Brunswick Club last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Truckstop Honeymoon for the first time.

They were pretty amazing, playing high powered music on banjo and double bass and singing with ATTITUDE. They were also pretty funny, coming across as a blend of Fred Eaglesmith and The Handsome Family, in terms of black humour and acerbic wit.

Truckstop Honeymoon is Mike West and Katie Euliss partners in life as well as on stage. They have a tribe of children who accompany them everywhere they go and often feature in the on stage monologues. About the first question the couple were asked last night was “How’s the kids”. In response, we were then given a description of their sojourn at the Yakandandah Festival where one of the progeny took on the duties of goat walker at the place where they were billeted.

Originally from New Orleans, after their home was washed away by Hurricane Katrina, they settled in Lawrence Kansas, selected, so they claim, because it as far from any large body of water as they could get.

They were on tour in Florida when Katrina struck and were stunned to see their inundated house on the front page of the New York Times. This of course inspired a song, The Cover of The NY Times.

A very crowd friendly act, they had the audience oohing and gasping during a song about their great grandparents playing music for Saturday matinee melodramas. Crazy stuff!

And on another occasion they got the audience involved in a yodelling wave.

They sing songs about looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, following the Melathion truck to get high on toxic mosquito killer, vacation Bible Schools and other eccentric and unusual topics.

It was a very enjoyable show and I’m glad my friends persuaded me to attend.

Next weekend and week is heavy duty as far as music events go. There seems to be something on everyday.

On Friday there’s Lyle Lovett, on Saturday the Basement Discs double bill in store with Mary Gauthier and Lil’ Band O’ Gold, then on Sunday it’s The Flatlanders.

Monday, I am not spared either, having taken up the ticket of a friend who can’t go, to see Lil’ Band O’ Gold at Northcote Social Club. Basement Discs hosts Eddie Reader on Tuesday and on Thursday it’s the Old Crow Medicine Show at Thornbury Theatre.

Music Festival lag anyone?


Amanda said...

Did you know Mike West is actually Australian? He doesn't have quite that accent in real life. ;-)

Mary G tonight, Dr John on Friday (seen him a few times before but couldn't pass up seeing him somewhere as small asthe Basement), The Flatlanders next week. I might see the Flatlanders twice, or go see Chris Smither again the second night instead. Decisions, decisions.

Anne S said...

No I didn't know he was Australian. He sounds like he comes from the deep south on stage.

Anyway, who cares where he comes from, they put on a highly entertaining show.

Look forward to reading your impressions of Mary G.