Friday, September 11, 2009

Excessively breezy lunchtime warmed by the talented duo - Fire By The Sea

A truly awful wind is raging through Victoria today, and Melbourne has not been spared by any means. It practically knocks you over crossing a street against it.

Reluctant as I was to venture out in the wind (it’s hell on contact lenses!), I made it down to
Basement Discs to see young Melbourne duo, Fire By The Sea, showcase several songs from their debut full length CD, Falling To Fly. They were certainly worth the effort.

Fire By The Sea is Keda (vocals) and Andy (guitar), who, according to their website, have been friends since childhood. Today they had a full band supporting them, inclusive of an electric guitarist, an electric bass and a drummer. They generated a gratifying BIG sound.

Keda (pictured above) has one of those interesting voices. I kept racking my brains for who it reminded me of, then realised, after re-reading the Basement Discs ad, that she does sound a lot like one of the Waifs female vocalists. A very good voice in fact, if unusual.

Their music is sort of rock/pop though they did do a reggae song too.

All in all an enjoyable half hour of music, though there weren’t that many people present for the occasion.

You can check out their
website for more information and watch a video here.

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