Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Canon Photo 5 Competition 2009

Canon Australia again has its photo competition running. I found it quite fun last year, fooling around with the contents of the box, though of course I didn’t win any prizes. However it was a educational experience, so I feel more equipped to take better photographs this year, though I doubt if I will win anything.

I received my box in the mail yesterday and it contained a range of interesting objects…

· A packet of hundreds & thousands

· A sachet of pink paint powder

· A pair of cardboard spectacles

· Three lens covers with variously sized star cut-outs.

The competition is different this year - each of the objects is to be used in a particular brief utilising an appropriate technique to achieve a special effect.

  1. Close Up - hundreds & thousands
  2. Splat Action - paint or other opaque liquid in motion
  3. Bokeh Experiment - lens covers
  4. Portraiture - spectacles
  5. Practically Black- open low light shot.

I think I will have to put in more effort this year to set up the shots.

At present I am bereft of ideas, but must admit I am dying to try out the bokeh brief.

If I do manage to take any decent photos I’ll post them here.


victor said...

Good photographers, nice photos...judges level zeroooooooo

Anne S said...

I thought the photos haven't been all that much chop so far, though i haven't looked recently.

Also the video tutorials seemed to be self promotions on behalf of the judgesand not very useful at all.

The whole competiion was geared towards DSLRs, especially the bokeh assignment.

I can't really criticise as I never got around to doing anything at all with my box, even though I know from experience that compact cameras can take just as good a photo as DSLRs.

John said...

Splat and Portraiture judges...forget about photography.The word is: DERISIVE !!!