Friday, July 03, 2009

Funky Blues for a Chill Day in Melbourne

Geoff Achison, recently returned from a sojourn in the USA, was the star performer at an in store at Basement Discs today. A local artist, and famed as a master of both acoustic and electric guitar, Geoff entertained the small audience with songs off his new CD One Ticket, One Ride.

He played, not so much blues, as funk and rock with a few quieter numbers mixed in with the livelier stuff. He has an interesting voice, throaty like Joe Cocker. And he is indeed a fantastic guitarist.

Anyway it was all good, and a pleasant break in the day as always.

I haven’t felt much like going to live shows of late, so these in stores keep me in touch with the live experience despite myself.

Next Friday,
Sal Kimber and her Good Ole Boys strut their stuff. Should be good!

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