Friday, June 12, 2009

The very talented Jordie Lane – a warm break in a cold, cold day

It’s damned freezing here in Melbourne, has been all week. After a short hiatus from in store performances, Basement Discs hosted Jordie Lane at an in store today. His enchanting performance was certainly worth braving the icy winds to hear.

A young, Melbourne singer songwriter , Jordie Lane strikes me as having talent to spare. He has a simply gorgeous voice, with an emotional quality that tweaks the heart strings, involuntarily bringing tears to the eyes. He’s also an accomplished guitar picker, a fine songwriter and an engaging performer all round. I’ve seen him perform several times as part of the duo Fireside Bellows with Tracy McNeil and have been quite taken with their joint act. Jordie however, can stand on his own merits and is a remarkably poised and confident solo artist for one of such tender years.

Today’s in store performance was to mark the release of his debut full length CD, Sleeping Patterns and, judging by the taste he gave us today, it’s a sure winner. I was so impressed I got myself a copy of the CD and also bought his earlier EP, Lovers Ride.

Jordie Lane has been described as Australia’s own Ryan Adams, and he appears to have drunk from the same well as many of my favourite singers and songwriters like Townes Van Zandt, Gillian Welch to name a few.

Do yourself a favour, check him out on his
My Space page


charlieperry said...

I'll definitely be going to see him in Sydney. I was blown away the last time I saw him

Anne S said...

I recommend his new CD - it's a beauty! Best CD I've heard in a while. Ryan Adams eat your heart out!

Kay said...

Had a listen and I agree - it's a must-have! What a beautiful a voice - and the instrumentation sounds so plaintive, yet rich. Alas I might have to just put him on my list and wait until after our trip to Japan ... altho' ... I do have a birthday coming up! :)

aliholli said...

Scenic Blast Scenic Blast Scenic Blast werhoooooooooooooooo =) what a great win, lovely horse. He has just won me a coupl`a quid, thanks! Sorry to comment on a non racing post! (are you on twitter?)

Anne S said...

Congratulations again Ali - glad you placed a bet and it came good.