Friday, May 08, 2009

Wagons Rock at Basement Discs

Henry Wagons, the eponymous leader of the band, likens the Wagons listening experience to "being thrust into a brick wall and then sitting down in a comfortable recliner".

Actually that’s quite an accurate description of what it was like at the lunchtime Wagons in store performance today. They rocked!

Wagons have not been anywhere within my radar for local bands, but they have four recordings to their credit and have been performing since the late 1990s. So today was the first time I’d seen them play. I was impressed. Henry Wagons is a character and has an entertaining stage presence with an ironic sense of humour.

They have a new album, 'The Rise & Fall of Goodtown’, which has been receiving rave reviews and today the appreciative Basement Discs audience heard snippets from it, including the title track which is a rambunctious dark country rock tune.

It was an enjoyable hard rockin’ interlude in an otherwise dull sort of day.

Check out their
My Space page and give them a listen.

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Kay said...

Thanks for the link - their music puts me a little in mind of Tom Rush in his younger days.