Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cat Pics – an update on the state of Cat Politics

Timmy has now been gone for over a month so the other two cats have happily settled back into their old groove. Willy hangs around at home much more these days, and Lizzie is her usual self - a home body who rarely strays far.

Earlier this afternoon I got out the Canon G10 when Pickle, the very friendly cat who lives a few houses up the street, made an appearance in our back garden. She’s extremely arboreal and ventures out on the outmost twiglets of branches without falling.

Here she is in the almond tree. She spotted Lizzie on the ground and alternately growled and meowed whilst weaving around this branch.


Lizzie, far from being aggressive, was mewing back, but keeping careful watch.


Willy was out the front enjoying the sun.


I must admit it is much easier with just two cats, the tension involved with keeping Timmy and Willy apart was the hardest part of Timmy’s short residence.