Friday, April 03, 2009

The Totally Fab Hot Club of Cowtown at Basement Discs

Hot Club of Cowtown - l to r Whit Smith, Elana James, Jake Erwin

Shortly before lunchtime today a storm descended on the city. This morning it was 25°C at 6.00 am, but it dropped, as is its want in Melbourne, to 16°C in a very short time. The storm was right over the central business district and I was fortunate enough to witness a classic lightning bolt in Bourke Street.

Despite the stormy weather, I made it down to
Basement Discs for the Hot Club Of Cowtown in store. It was a beauty - foot tapping western swing played with enormous verve and spirit.

Hot Club is a trio, featuring Elana James, masterful violinist and vocalist, Whit Smith, who plays stunningly good guitar and shares vocal duties with Elana, and Jake Erwin who swings it up on upright bass. Together they create a dazzling mix of sound, predominantly old time dance music tunes.

Today they entertained the large crowd at Basement Discs with seven lively songs/tunes and won many hearts with their charm and mastery of the music.

They will play tonight at Thornbury Theatre - a new venue for music, but a very old establishment, formerly a Picture Palace and then a Greek Reception Centre. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend, despite the fact I was offered free tickets, as we are dining with friends this evening.

So I am glad I saw them today. It was certainly worth the drenching. By the time I made it back to work I looked like a drowned rat as the rain was bucketing down in torrents by them. Fortunately I am wearing light summer clothes – linen and silk - so I dried off pretty fast.

The next in store is on 15 April and will feature the amazing Ruthie Foster.


Ann oDyne said...

... what a day, and Bob Wills Is Still The King.

When in Colac, passing The Cow Shop always makes me smile.

Kathy said...

Always love to hear about American musicians doing their thing "down under." Hot Club of Cowtown is making their debut at the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead on April 17 and we are besides ourselves with joy! Send all your friends in the greater Boston area!


glenn said...

It's hard to sit still when the Hot Club Of Cowtown are in town.

I would have skipped dinner with friends though and caught the show !

Glenn in MA USA

Kay said...

Sounds like a great session. I think dramatic weather adds to creativity and enjoyment of events.

Jan said...


Anne S said...

Well, I did manage to pass on the free tickets to someone who really wanted to go.

She had a great time.