Friday, April 24, 2009

Sweet Country Blues from Charlie Parr at Basement Discs


Today’s’ lunchtime in store at Basement Discs featured American country blues artist Charlie Parr who I admit I had previously never heard of or even knew about. Charlie describes himself on his website as follows:

“Charlie Parr has failed at most things in his life. Music seems to have rendered him unemployable and is the only thing he’s ever done with any confidence. A lot of folks have been saying nice things about Charlie, despite the lingering odors and indecipherable comments he makes. It says a lot about folks; they’re hanging in there with him, in spite of himself.”

A self deprecating kind of guy, he surprised me greatly as the photo I found for the in store poster made him look quite old, when in fact he’s fairly youthful (40 years old). He’s a whiz bang of a performer and played some very sweet blues, picking guitar with consummate skill. He also has a great voice, hard to describe, but perfect for the type of music he promulgates.

There was a big crowd at Basement Discs to hear Charlie play and he gave generously of his time, playing for forty-five minutes or so.

You can check out his music on his website and My Space

Or check out this video of him singing his relatively famous song 1922


F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

... and just look at that beautiful old National steel-front

Anne S said...

Hey thanks F.G I wondered what kind of guitar he was playing.

aliholli said...

Found your blog a while ago thru Clare, keeper of the snails(and silkworms!)I saw on a very old post25May 2008(Old Apache) that you won a tipping competition...was just wondering whether you had any tips for the HOLLINDALE STAKES this weekend.. as it`s our surname it would be silly not to have a little flutter on it! Any ideas???

Anne S said...

My tipping prowess has been appallingly bad this year, not having had much time to study the form in detail.

If Pompeii Ruler starts, he's the obvious choice, otherwise Scenic Shot looks the go.

Queensland racing is always tricky to pick.

And really, just picking a name that resonates with you, works just as well as studying the form.

aliholli said...

I don`t think Ruler is starting so I`ll pick another and let you know if I get rich!!! thanks anyway

Anne S said...

Good Luck!

aliholli said...

Hi, apparently Scenic Shot was a fast finishing 5th... we set up the dvd to record AT THE RACES but it stopped recording before the race... being in the middle of the night(!!!) so I`m not rich(!) but it is Chester Races tomorrow, Thurs and Fri( Chester Cup tomorrow.. weds) so I`ll be having a little flutter on that... looking at Downhiller. Chester Racecourse is brill, exactly one mile round so tight bends(inside rail have the advantage on 5 furlong races) xxxx

Anne S said...

Yes, it was a pity about Scenic Shot, though I didn't have a bet.

I know very little about UK racing, so can't give you any tips there.

Chester race course sounds a bit like Moonee Valley which is also a very tight course, and famous for its very short straight. It's got a provincial feel about it.

aliholli said...

Hi, I`ve put some photos of Chester racecourse, the ROODEE, on my blog page if you`re interested. I had an each way bet on a big outsider who was acting as the pacemaker to another horse in the race from the same stable... IT WON WUTWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!