Thursday, March 05, 2009

Kane, Welch, Kaplin – A night of superb music at the Corner

Kevin Welch at the Corner Hotel - 4 March 2009

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Kane Welch Kaplin show at the Corner Hotel in Richmond.

The three gentlemen are of course Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Fats Kaplin, who along with Kieran’s son Lucas provided a superb night of musical delights to a good crowd of dedicated fans.

B and I arrived early in order to get one or three of the limited seats and managed to score seating middle front row. We saved a seat for a neighbour who we recently discovered is a fan of the trio and shares our taste in music.

Fats Kaplin at the Corner Hotel - 4 March 2009

Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch have been coming regularly to our shores for ten years. I first witnessed them perform at the now defunct Continental back in 1999 on their first tour. Last night must be the seventh time I’ve attended one of their shows, and it seems to me that they only get better. The addition of Fats Kaplin to the line up has enhanced the act enormously. Fats is a master musician playing violin, mandolin and guitar and one cannot fail to mention Lucas Kane’s tasteful drumming which also enhances the sound.

They are all striking looking individuals and possess a quality of musicianship that is stunning to watch and hear. Kevin and Kieran provide most of the vocals, though last night it was predominately Kevin doing the singing. They share song writing credits and are no mean slouches at writing killer songs.

Kieran Kane at the Corner - 4 March 2009
Kevin, after hearing of the bushfires that devastated the state in early February, was inspired to write a song about Marysville, one of the towns destroyed by the fires. This song has been recorded for a St Vincent de Paul bushfire relief CD After The Fire. It is available for download on Kevin’s website.
And this afternoon… the fabulous Eliza Gilkyson
Basement Discs at lunchtime today featured Texan songwriter Eliza Gilkyson fresh, or more likely jet lagged, off the plane. However, despite admitting that she’d had no sleep for the past 24 hours, she was the consummate trouper, performing a charming short set to a small but enthusiastic audience.

She is the daughter of iconic singer songwriter Terry Gilkyson and writes truly wonderful songs herself.

This is her first tour of Australia and those of us attending the in store today were the fortunate first to see her perform on these shores. I’m mightily tempted to go and see her at one of her other shows in town.

You can check out some of her songs on her my space page.


Bwca said...

... that's not Kane Welch ... it's MANNY from Black Books !

Anne S said...

Kevin, Brownie, not Kane, and excuse me, he is one of the most gorgeous looking guys I've ever layed eyes on.

Still, with the beard and long hair men tend to look like Jesus more than anything - this includes Manny from Black Books.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

that Bwca needs to go back under the rock where she lives.

unrelated topic' sice you don't have email in your profile, I was just enjoying Dave's Diary which I get on email subscription, and thought he deserves an OA 'for services to Australian Country Music'.
The form for nomination is available at the office of your Federal Member, any Federal Member.
I think it needs a Seconder, and that would be easier for you to find than me, as I live in musical isolation these days. DD deserves this, would you like to set it in motion?
(I did this once before and the person got their award - it was somebody I had not even met, so I know the system works. We've got until next January, it's a sure thing)

Anne S said...

FG - that is an excellent idea and I certainly second your opinion as regards DD being long due for recognition.

I have investigated how one goes about nominating someone for an OA and have downloaded the nomination form.

I can seek feedback and comments and referees from the Nu Country community, who probably know more about DD's past history than I do.

Should you wish to email me, you can do so through nu country as I monitor the nu country mail and only send relevant stuff onto David D. He has no access to the mail server.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

'no access to the server' ...

thank god for that - there's no telling what he'd get up to with it.
If you get the nomination form from your local MHR office, it comes in a glamourous glossy white card folder n stuff.
The time I did it, the guy got his AO. Dave is a cert, and deserves it. Cerntry music makes a fair whack of money for this country.

Anne S said...

FG - I've already asked several people about contributing and about being referrees, but not much response so far.

I need people who know about DD's history in promoting country music.

I gather you must know something about that. Youtr input would be most welcome.

What do you mean "no access to the server" - do you mean the nu country server. It's working fine.

If you want to contact me direct my email is (lowercase) ASYD(AT)IINET(DOT)NET(DOT)AU