Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Trying Out My New Camera

Yesterday I purchased yet another digital camera. This time I went for a Canon G10 on the advice from a friend. The idea was to get a high quality compact camera that could produce high resolution photos. I occasionally get asked for copies of my musician photos and they always want high rez shots, which my dear little Panasonic was incapable of producing. So, I thought I should buy a new camera.

Anyway I tested it out today in various situations and overall I'm very pleased with the results. The true test will be when I go to the Ryan Adams concert at the end of this month. Can it give me good crisp concert photos in low light situations? We'll see...

Anyway, below are some of the photos I snapped today.

canon_g10 003 (Small)
A Chinese dog statue in Spring Street, Melbourne CBD

canon_g10 005 (Small) (2)
Fuscia in the back garden using macro function

Actually I think the Panasonic does better macros than the Canon...

roses_in-rain (Small)
Raindrops on roses - ha! _ Panasonic Macro

canon_g10 006 (Small)
Detail from fire place surround in the living room

canon_g10 015 (Small)
The Devil Devil wood carving from the Solomon Islands that lives on top of a stereo speaker in the living room.


Jan said...

WOW! Love the wood carving!
Hope you ( and he!) have The Happiest Of New Years!

Kay said...

Happy New Year Anne - looking forward to the Ryan Adams report and photos. These photos look great.

Anne S said...

Happy New Year to you as well Kay.

As for Ryan Adams, I do hope the lighting is better than the last time I saw him, otherwise it will be pointless taking the camera.