Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ringing in 2009

Well so far in Melbourne the first day of the brand new year is gloomy - weather wise - rather chilly with rain threatening every so often. A complete contrast to last year when it was a sizzling 40 degrees Centigrade.

In fact summer hasn't been anything to write home about with an intemperate coolness, rather than warmth dominating our days. I felt ridiculous still wearing winter clothing well into December.

I had a quiet New Year's Eve - stayed at home and chilled and went to bed early.

This morning I've been lounging in bed reading a biography of Townes Van Zandt which was given me for Christmas. A timely day to start the book as Townes died on New Year's Day in 1997.

One of the joys of New Year's Day is putting up the new calendar.

I always buy a calendar every year. Last year it was Matisse, this year it's Edward Gorey's Neglected Murderesses.


A sample page...Nurse J Rosebeetle who tilted her employer out of a wheelchair and over a cliff at Sludgemouth in 1898.

I shall enjoy looking at these neglected murderesses all year as I love Edward Gorey's mordant wit and gothic sensibilities.

Anyway, to all readers of this blog, my best wishes go out to you for a very happy New Year.


Valerie said...

Happy New Year, Anne!

Anne S said...

Thankyou Valerie -A Happy New Year to you as well.

It started quite well with a winning bet on Zabeel filly, Cat's Diamond, having her first start at Randwick.

She looked the real deal winning.

She was tipped by one of the Racing & Sports forum regulars - he was spot on.