Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day - The Aftermath

As usual we spent Christmas Day at my brother's place on the coast and a fine day of excellent food and and drinks it was.

I was also able to see how much my great nephew, Tate, and great niece, Zoe, had grown in the past year - a lot.

It was a pleasant sunny day, not too hot - perfect for the drive down in B's silver Mercedes with the top down - wankerama personified, but truth to tell, very windy.

Anyway, here's a few photos - kids, cat and magpies.

xmas_2008 017 (Small)
Zoe - a year and a bit.

xmas_2008 021 (Small)

Tate - now three years old.

xmas_2008 033 (Small)
Indie, my niece's extremely laid back one eyed burmese cat. Indie is a lovely boy, amazingly relaxed and friendly. He lost his eye in an accident either with a car or dog when he was quite young, but he seems unfazed by it. He came for Xmas lunch along with the kids.

And finally some tame magpies, hanging out for a hand out.

xmas_2008 027 (Small)

We stayed the night and got back to Melbourne about lunchtime today. Except for the so far non appearance of Willy, the cats appeared unstressed by the experience of having to fend for themselves last night. Our neighbour, by prearrangement, fed them anyway.

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Kay said...

Lovely photos of lovely children and of course the cat - and the magpies are rather cute too, for magpies! Glad you had such a great day.