Thursday, November 27, 2008

Long Tall Tennessean – Justin Townes Earle plays Basement Discs

Justin Townes Earle - Basement Discs - 27/11/08

God, I’ve been spoilt with fine music this week, and today was no exception with the amazing Justin Townes Earle playing an in store at Basement Discs at lunchtime today.

Justin Townes Earle is the 26 year old son of Steve Earle and he is in the process of touring Australia for the first time, promoting his debut CD The Good Life.

Justin, however, didn’t play any of the songs off that album today, saying we could listen to the album. The songs he sang were all new and will be on his forthcoming sophomore disc Midnight at the Movies scheduled for release in March next year. Except perhaps one, which he admitted was finished just this morning at the airport. The Basement Discs audience were the privileged first to hear it.

As a performer Justin Townes Earle has an extraordinary stage presence, a kind of insouciant natural born charm that expresses itself with airy self confidence.

He’s a bean pole of a guy, surely six and half feet at least, and very photogenic. An energetic performer, he roamed all over the stage and loomed over the mike, wildly strumming his guitar. He was stunningly good and has a powerful voice that occasionally sounds like his father as a young man. His music would be classified (if you were into making classifications) as country rock, swing whatever.

There was a good crowd there today, all the usual suspects and then some. I’d say they were all as blown away by Justin Townes Earle as I was.

I am glad that I will get the chance to see him again next Sunday at the Toff in Town.


Francis Xavier Holden said...

I couldn' make it. Sounds like a good gig.

Jan said...

Sounds great, all this.
Only wish Australia was a bit nearer!