Monday, November 17, 2008

Familiar Ghosts - Shane Nicholson


I rushed out today to purchase the brand new Shane Nicholson CD Familiar Ghosts and have just listened to it for the first time on my computer. It's fabulously good!

Shane has created a mini masterpiece, beautifully written songs, catchy tunes and his voice has never sounded better. He produced this CD all by himself and plays all the instruments. It has a beguiling raw acoustic sound, quite different from his usual painstakingly produced pop records.

Shane has finally gained recognition for his talents in his collaboration with his wife Kasey Chambers on the Aria winning record Rattlin' Bones. A lot of people who saw the couple perform together for the first time, were very taken with Shane's performance and voice, having ignored him previously.

I have been a fan of Shane's music since seeing him open for Kasey in a concert in 2003. I have seen him perform live solo twice since and twice with Kasey. It is hard to believe that I saw him perform live to a meagre audience of about 20 people not so long ago. He is now a potential super star.

I get to see him again next Friday when he will be opening for John Mellencamp and Sheryl Crow at the Rod Laver Arena. I am really looking forward to this concert as I have become very fond of John Mellencamp's latest CD Life, Death, Love and Freedom, a wonderfully moody and gloomy collection of songs. It sounds pretty drastic, but is in fact as life affirming as it gets. I have a penchant for sad songs, along with many other people. Perhaps it is the emotional impact of such songs that so tug on the heartstrings in such a positive way.

Shane will also be launching Familiar Ghosts at a local venue in Fitzroy on Saturday, but I doubt if I will make that show, much as I would like to attend.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

re 'sad songs' - I have always thought that blues songs .... 'Woke up this mornin', Felt like I had died ...' are absolutely UPlifting, whereas chirpy pop songs are as depressing as hell.

Music is the 7th Intelligence.