Sunday, November 23, 2008

Edward Whittemore Calendar for 2009

As is my occasional wont, I have created a calendar dedicated to the books of Edward Whittemore for 2009. It's been a few years since I last did a calendar, and this one is my best effort yet.

Here are some sample pages (click for larger image)

calendar09_1 calendar09_2

On each page you get two images, one, either a book cover or a photo of Edward Whittemore, and in the background, an image appropriate to the featured book or to the Jerusalem Quartet.

There is also a quote for each month.

Anyway, it is available for download in pdf format from the Jerusalem Dreaming website.



Clare Dudman said...

What a great idea!

Anne S said...

Thanks Clare!

This is third Whittemore calendar.

It looks really good printed out in colour on 100gsm paper.

I did have about 50 printed up but they're all gone now, the last winging its way to France.