Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cat Politics Update – cats, music, books, racing


I’ve been neglecting this blog, but furiously putting updates on Eye Candy for Bibliophiles, so I thought I’d give a bit of an update on the state of cat politics in our household and other things.

The situation as regards Timmy and Willy has not improved; in fact it has deteriorated to the point that they are actively engaging in hostile behaviour. Well, Timmy is. Willy is running scared.

A couple of weeks ago both cats had to be taken to the Vet for treatment for wounds. At the time we thought both of them had run afoul of another cat in the neighbourhood. But after seeing the two of them locked in mortal combat the other night, we’re not sure that another cat was involved. They returned from the Vet looking patchy from fur being shaved from the bitten areas, Willy on the fore paw and Timmy on the back and both were prescribed a course in antibiotics. Timmy also damaged his shoulder and hopped around on three legs for a few days.

Timmy is the aggressor and obviously regards the house and garden as his territory. He patrols the borders, from the front to the back and vice versa all the time. Willy asserts his rights by spraying any area that has a taint of Timmy.

The only cat not affected is Lizzie who has had her own confrontations with Timmy and has succeeded in making him back off and walk around her. Otherwise she and Timmy sit around peacefully together as if they are old acquaintances.

Melbourne is in the middle of winter now, though we have had some unseasonable warmish days. The magnificent sunset pictured below was the herald of one of those days.

sunset_130708 004 (Small)


There have been no Basement In Store performances this month, but I am looking forward to going and seeing Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson in concert in mid August. It should be an excellent concert all round as the support act is a young American singer songwriter called Ryan Bingham. I acquired his CD Mescalito a couple of weeks ago and was instantly won over on first listen. He has an interesting raspy voice and sounds like an old Steve Earle. Despite being only 26 years old he has lived a hard life, being part of a rodeo circuit before he took up music.

Other new music I’ve been listening to is Emmylou Harris’ new CD All I Intended To Be which is quite lovely, and the new Teddy Thompson CD A Piece of What You Need a wonderfully upbeat old time rock n roll set of songs. I loved his country music tribute disc Up Front And Down Low of last year. He’s become one of my favourite artists – an extremely talented young man, destined for stardom, whom I can’t believe I saw twice in the intimate surrounds of the Northcote Social Club two years ago.

I’ve also booked a ticket to a John Mellencamp concert scheduled for late November at the Rod Laver Arena. I was given a $100 Ticketek gift voucher by Nu Country and had to use it by September, so I figured I’d use it for the Mellencamp concert. It’s not as if I’m a big fan of John Mellencamp, but I would definitely like to see his two support acts who happen to be Sheryl Crowe and Shane Nicholson. Anyway, I got a good seat eight rows from the stage, so am quite looking forward to the event.


As I always have one or two books on the go, I’ve been reading quite a variety of books lately since finishing the Roumanian Quartet. Brave New World was one. I don’t remember ever having read it before, so I’m pleased to have finally done so to add to my Dystopian book collection. It’s strangely modern despite being written in 1930s, not as grim as Nineteen Eighty Four, but chilling just the same.

A book I enjoyed very much was Karen Joy Fowler’s The Sweetheart Season. She is well known as the author of the Jane Austen Book Club. I picked up the Sweetheart Season cheap on a remaindered books table.

I’m currently rereading Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast Trilogy and though only a short way into Titus Groan, am relishing his wonderful prose, which though profuse is also vividly pictorial with extraordinary analogies like this description of Fuscia:

"She tossed her long hair and it flapped down her back like a pirate’s flag."


The Spring Racing Season is just around the corner and the main spring contenders will be starting their preliminary build up from August. Weekend Hussler is expected to start his run up to the Cox Plate, Caulfield Cup and Melbourne Cup (all of which races he has been entered for) in late August. Can’t wait to see how he performs this spring and - cross fingers - hope he is entered into the Dato Tan Chin Nam Stakes which is run on the day I choose to go to the track every year. The Dato Tan Chin Nam is a kind of mini Cox Plate and a good pointer to the possible winner of the Plate.

And last but not least Animal Rescue needs your help.

To donate (no money involved) please go this site and click on the DONATE link.


Kay said...

Emmylou Harris and Sheryl Crowe are favourites of mine too.
I've read Jane AUSTEN'S BOOK CLUB but never made it to see the film - even tho i know it would be disappointing as movies are never as good as the book.

Anne S said...

I've not seen the film either and agree that the books are alawys miles better.